What We Do

What We Do

IN association with AZKOYEN and NOVELL, IVEND brings to QATAR the best vending solutions possible, whether it is for an office of 30 or 3000 we can ensure that our services are running 24/7

Our Vending Machines come from AZKOYEN who are one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe

We deal in only high-quality vending ingredients sourced from Café NOVELL

We also cater to diverse businesses where you can market or advertise your products through our vending machines with a minimum traffic of 10,000 people per day your product gets the attention it deserves…

Other Opportunities

We also partner with like minded businesses to create solutions for their products, we deal in customized vending machines which we make from scratch as per our client’s requirements.

So if you have a product which you want to sell with minimal costs you know whom to call…