Herbal Tea

A selection of the most emblematic teas and infusions. The extraordinary fragrance and flavour that they give off will allow an intense and prolonged enjoyment. Harmonic and balanced flavours is a guarantee with NOVELL Tea


Whole flowers selected by hand. In infusion, calming and invigorating, with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Rich in vitamin C. Assists difficult digestions.


Of an intense and fresh taste, it is one of the most consumed teas in the world. Very cleansing and antioxidant.

Ingredients: green tea – mint – peppermint – chlorophyll

Penny Royal Mint

Mint leaves and white pennyroyal. Fresh and invigorating infusion with energetic properties.

Ingredients: mint – pennyroyal mint

Taj Mahal

Black tea with spices. Intensely flavoured and very nice.It helps to increase the defenses and strengthen the immune system. You can have it with milk.

Ingredients: black tea – cinnamon – cardamom – pepper – ginger – clove

Chocolate Dreams

Sweet and very pleasant flavour. Can be taken at any time of the day, also with milk. Specially recommended for children and pregnant women.

Ingredients: rooibos – chocolate – rose


Smooth and sweet combination with an anise flavour. Digestive and calming infusion, recommended for hoarseness
and chronic fatigue.

Ingredients: chamomile – balm mint – aniseed