Other Vending Products

Novell Milk Powder

The Milky and Creamy ingredients for a white coffee, a perfect complement for cappuccino.

Characteristic: Full- Bodied, Not too sweet and not too bitter

Novell Cocoa

Stand out for its strong chocolate flavor harmoniously balance with milk and sugar. Perfect as chocolate drink or milky chocolate mixed with topping or as add on for perfect cappuccino

Characteristic:Full-Bodied, Mild but strong and sweet cocoa taste

Novell Coffee

Blend of natural Arabica coffee. Sweet cup with significant body. Adaptable to many uses, such as espresso or brewed coffee. Elegant and pleasant taste with aromatic touches of ripened fruits, flowers and fresh butter. The Intenso flavour is one of the most popular Nespresso-compatible pods – a harmonious mixture of Brazilian & Central American washed Arabica coffees, and the strong taste of washed Robustas. An intense cup of coffee, boasting a beautiful aroma of cereals and vanilla – with caramelised and toasted hints, and a slightly acidic undertone.