Made with a blend of the best coffees, which ensure an excellent combination of body, taste, strength and creaminess. Organic and ZERO waste options available


The Intenso flavour is one of the most popular Nespresso-compatible pods – a harmonious mixture of Brazilian & Central American washed Arabica coffees, and the strong taste of washed Robustas. An intense cup of coffee, boasting a beautiful aroma of cereals and vanilla – with caramelised and toasted hints, and a slightly acidic undertone.

Intense, pleasant, delicate taste and persistent


Cremoso Nespresso-compatible pods offer sensational taste at the touch of a button. Every cup of Cremoso combines beautiful textures of toasted bread and chamomile, perfectly complementing its enticing Italian aromas. With a dense and creamy body, these Arabica and Robusta-infused capsules are perfect for a delectable after-dinner treat.

Blend with an Italian personality. Stands out for its strong body and creaminess

Piu Aroma

The Piu Aroma flavour of our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods is made using a blend of washed and natural Arabica coffee beans. This popular cup has a delicate body with slightly acidic and floral hints, and offers touches of toasted nuts and mango. It also has an enticing aftertaste and is moderately persistent, making it an ideal way to close a meal – while its lower levels of caffeine make it perfect for during the day, too.

100% Arabica blend of natural and washed coffees. Elegant blend rich in aromas and with moderate persistence.


A mix of 50% high-ground coffees, this hybrid choice offers a fantastic espresso cup. These semi-decaf coffee pods provide a soft and delicate taste with high acidity, making them the ideal accompaniment around the clock at work or at home. In its aroma, you can expect hints of grapefruit and bitter chocolate, which combine with a delectable flavour to create a truly delicious cup of coffee.

A mix of 50% dekaff and 50% high grown coffees


Made using 100% Arabica beans and the result of a natural CO2 process, this blend results in a scrumptious, slightly acidic and balanced cup. This flavourful coffee also boasts a fresh, citrusy taste combined with smoky touches of nuts and toasted seeds.

100% Arabica blend. Completely natural decaffeination process.

Organic and 100% Compostable Capsules

Made with a blend of organic coffees that ensure an excellent combination of body, flavor, strength and creaminess. The organic compostable capsules leave no trace in the environment, are deposited in the organic fraction and under conditions of industrial composting, are degraded in a period of between 12 and 20 weeks.