We offer our customers the highest quality in each cup of espresso with a careful selection, import and roast.

Excelsior Plus

100% Arabian Blend resulting in a nice cup, with a sweet balance, with a remarkable body and strong personality.It has a pleasant aroma of toasted bread, cereals and fruity notes. In the mouth, it has a calm and smooth step, with cereals, citrus and sweet notes.Easily recommended for any type of establishment and especially recommended for combinations with milk.

Especial Cafeteria

Blended with an Italian character made up of Arabica and Robusta coffees. It results in a creamy cup of considerable intensity, with character and personality, maintaining its presence firmly in combination with milk
Aromas of cedar, vanilla and cereals, and in the mouth, touches of cedar, sunflower seeds and caramel can be felt. Especially recommended for lovers of strong coffee and caffeine, being very appropriate for areas of great work activity.