Coffee Beans

We offer our customers the highest quality in each cup of espresso with a careful selection, import and roast.

Excelsior Plus

100% Arabian Blend resulting in a nice cup, with a sweet balance, with a remarkable body and strong personality.It has a pleasant aroma of toasted bread, cereals and fruity notes. In the mouth, it has a calm and smooth step, with cereals, citrus and sweet notes.Easily recommended for any type of establishment and especially recommended for combinations with milk.

Especial Cafeteria

Blended with an Italian character made up of Arabica and Robusta coffees. It results in a creamy cup of considerable intensity, with character and personality, maintaining its presence firmly in combination with milk
Aromas of cedar, vanilla and cereals, and in the mouth, touches of cedar, sunflower seeds and caramel can be felt. Especially recommended for lovers of strong coffee and caffeine, being very appropriate for areas of great work activity.

Gourmet Responsible

A gourmet blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from UTZ Certified suppliers. The result is a cup of coffee with considerable body, but no astringency. Intense in taste but moderately acidic, this blend stands out for its balance and presence in the cup. The aroma has soft and sweet hints with fresh butter, cereals, chocolate and vanilla, along with a floral and caramelized aroma that lingers on the palate. Very versatile and adaptable coffee, especially suitable for coffee shops and restaurants.

Gourmet Mocca Organic

100% Arabica and 100% organic blend with both natural and gently washed Arabica beans. Fine and balanced cup with a slight tendency towards acidity. On the palate there are hints of caramel, bitter cocoa and roasted nuts with a citrus base together with a fresh and floral aroma with a touch of vanilla. A perfect coffee for any time of the day thanks to relaxing, low caffeine content that invites you to repeat. The perfect after-dinner coffee and therefore very suitable for restaurants.

Organic Coffee Beans

This blend contains four different Ethiopian organic coffees that guarantee an outstanding cup. With a complex and flowery aromatic profile, in this cup we also find citric and floral hints that combine perfectly with a base of cocoa and fresh butter. The taste is delicate, silky, firm and elegant. When the origins of coffee are within your reach, it can only result in an amazing experience.

Black Label

A surprising twist of dark roasted coffee from Arabica and Robusta beans, creating an intense flavour, this coffee comes with hints of liquorice, wood, fudge and pine nuts.

Dekaff Organic Mocca

100% Arabica blend resulting in a well-balanced cup. Processed using a completely natural decaffeination process, obtaining a flawless espresso with no chemical aftertaste.